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The "Big Five"

Prayers for The Move

As we round off our years in Kenya, surrounded by unimaginable beauty and wildlife, this seemed an appropriate way to express our biggest prayer needs. The “Big Five” is a common term here, used by tourists and other safari-goers for the five most charismatic and impressive of Africa’s famous animals: elephant, lion, buffalo, rhino and leopard.

With just one month to go before we leave, life has sped up to a crazy pace with more details and goodbyes being added daily to the list than we can seemingly get done. And yet, despite the busyness and exhaustion, we are also truly grateful for times of deeply meaningful connection with friends and for signs of God’s grace and provision all around.

On June 6th we will fly out of Kenya, our home of 20+ years, and spend some time with family in both the States and England before moving to our next adventure in Germany in mid-July.

The following are our biggest five prayer needs.

Thank you for standing with us in prayer.

Phil & Catherine,

Emma & Sophie

The “Big Five”:

For health and strength to accomplish the myriad tasks associated with the logistics of packing and the emotions of saying goodbye to dear friends. May we do them all well, and - once in the States/UK - may we rest deeply and have space to process both our loss and our excitement.

For the provision of new friends for Emma and Sophie with whom they can connect quickly and meaningfully and who will help them be the young women God has created them to be.

For our marriage to be strengthened during this time of stretching and that we will extend grace to each other as we roll with the ups and downs of moving home, moving community and moving culture.

For us to establish healthy and life-giving habits as a family in our new home and new routines.

That we would recognise and celebrate every evidence of God’s presence and faithfulness throughout this exciting and sorrowful time.

“Give us certainty, even after we have crossed seas and oceans, deserts and mountain ranges,

to see that we have only travelled from one crease in Your palm to another;

we are still enclosed in Your hand, we are still safe.”


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