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BFA Global Impact Stories

We are super excited to announce a new series of short videos telling the story of BFA's global impact. These will be coming out every couple of months. The first is the story of the Pinkston family working in Malta, whose continuing mission work there is directly linked to BFA providing a feasible educational option for their high school aged kids. The story is told in a short version (just over three minutes) and a longer version (just over ten minutes). We are going to include both here.

In the months ahead, we will be sharing several additional stories in this series that we hope will give you a full picture of how the ministy at BFA is directly impacting the work of the Great Commission around the globe. Some of BFA's most dramatic testimonies can't be shared publicly because of the restrcited locations in which the families work. Others are not bound by security restrictions and will be shared in the months ahead.

However, we are begining this series with the story of the Pinkston family entitled "Exceptional in the Ordinary". We have chosen to start with this story because we think it beautifully and realistically expresses the Kingdom fruit resulting from "ordinary" but faithful service over many years - the type of continuity of mission outreach that can only happen because of schools like BFA.

If you have a little more time, the ten minute version below provides additional depth and context to the Pinkstons' ministry and BFA's role in their work.


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