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An Unexpected Blessing

Catherine's parents help make the "impossible" possible

An Unexpected Opportunity

When we were approached about a home going on the market close to BFA, we allowed ourselves about 30 seconds of excitement before regretfully dismissing the idea as "unrealistic". Renting, for all its disadvantages, was perfectly acceptable. It was true that we might not be able to find a place in as great of a location and would have to live with all the normal renters' challenges, but these were not real hardships.

Had it been financially feasible, buying would have been something we would have strongly preferred. Having a place near the heart of the town and close to BFA would have been ideal in a number of ways - helping us get plugged into the local community, and having easy access for me and the girls to BFA, among others. And of course, having a place that you could really make your "home" without all the challenges of landlord relations and inconveniences would have been nice. But, like most of us, we didn't have that sort of capital sitting around.

A Crazy Idea

At some point over the next couple of weeks a silly thought passed through our minds. Did our family have the ability to help with a down payment so that we could get a mortgage (in place of rent)? Probably not, but possible.

With less than no expectation we floated the idea to Catherine's parents and - after doing some research into ways and means - they came back to us with a wonderfully surprising - yes! They had the ability to help if we thought this would be a wise decision in the long run! This set of a series of events (a novel of many twists and turns in its own right) that led to the decision to purchase the house.

A Matter of Prayer

While the purchase is still not final (normal paperwork pending), it looks like we have had our first Kandern miracle. This is a blessing we had not anticipated and are deeply grateful to God for His provision (through Catherine's parents) for us in this way. Our prayer is that this home will become "home" in the truest and fullest sense of the word for our family and, in particular, for Emma and Sophie; and that that sense of home will help us fulfill the purposes that God has planned for the Dows at Black Forest Academy.


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